Minna No Tabo Water Jug with Glasses Set
Product Name: Minna No Tabo Water Jug with Glasses Set
Model No.: 9-7718-2
Size: (Jug) 12Dia. x 22H/cm, (Glass) 8Dia. x 8.4H/cm
Material: Glass, PP
Product Description: Large volume (1,000ml) of the jug with 2 glasses (230ml). Handle with PP material, safe durable. Filling beverage temperature for jug from -20℃ ~150℃, Filling beverage temperature for glass is -20℃ ~60℃.
Safety Warning: ● This product is made of lead-free glass. Please check the temperature range of jug, glass, handle & lid before use ● Wash with warm soapy water before use ● Not suitable for microwave, oven, induction stove, open flame cooking and dishwasher ● Avoid contact with hard or sharp objects to prevent scratches ● The product image is for reference only. Any color variance depends on the real product ● Please use under supervision of adult