Little Twin Stars Lunch Box
Product Name: Little Twin Stars Lunch Box
Model No.: 9-7635-2
Size: 22W x 14H x 7D cm
Material: PS, PP
Product Description: • Suitable for microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher. • Good sealing performance, perfect to use as a fruit/ snack box. • Suitable for making healthy lunch boxes for children too. • Must-have item for school, work, camping etc. Cautions: • Body Max. Temp: 1200°C / Min. Temp: -20°C. • It is recommended to use mild detergent and soft sponge to wash gently and rinse with warm water in first use or after use. • Take out the lid before using microwave. •Do not wash in dishwasher and keep away from ire. •This box is not sealed completely. Leakage may happen when shaking it or putting it obliquely. •Food which contains artificial coloring or strong odor may remain in the covering or box. •Lemon/ orange peels, terpene or oily fat may deform the prints and plastic material of the box. •Make sure this box is completely dry before putting back the cover.
Safety Warning: Not recommended for children under 3. Please use under supervision of adult.